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You know you have a book in you.

Let it Out!


You just want to write but so many things get in your way… your thoughts for one thing. 


You question everything. Are you really good enough to take yourself seriously? Will anyone else care? Do you have enough talent? You keep trying to edit as you write because you keep obsessing over whether it is good enough.


And then there’s the time. Between work and the household and trying to hang on to some semblance of a social life, where are going to find the time to write? Or the energy?


And with all this second-guessing yourself, your motivation has checked out. Even when you can eke out some writing time, you don’t feel inspired. Your Muse has betrayed you. You can’t think of what to say and so you end up staring at a blank screen feeling like a failure.

It’s so maddening! Because at the same time, at some level deep inside, you absolutely know that you are SUPPOSED to be writing. You were given this passion for a reason, right? It’s not something you can ignore. In fact, you’ve tried that approach and it didn’t work. You always come back to the desire to write your book.


You know what it’s like to get into the flow with your writing. You crave that feeling when the planets align. Your Muse is filling you with inspiration and the words come pouring out. It’s fun to see what you’ll come up with next. You feel lighter when you’re writing everyday, lighter, happier, and more energized. Not just about the writing, about everything.


How great would it be if you were really doing it? You were writing regularly, daily even? You’d have that deep satisfaction of being a creator, bringing the ideas that fly around your imagination to life. You’d be living out one of your dreams. At last!


Well, YOU CAN. And I can show you how.

I’m a mindset coach for writers. I help writers master their mental game so that they can focus on what they love: writing. My clients learn to tap their inner source of motivation and inspiration, create the time to write, and quash the self-doubt that plagues so many creatives so that they can finally write that book.

As a result of Calling the Muse Coaching, you will…

  • Learn how to call in your Muse anytime you want her so that you will always know what to say and how to say it.
  • Understand and overcome the roots of self-doubt so that you release your creative energy.
  • Know how to get yourself in a creative flow state.
  • Find the time to write and cultivate the discipline to create a reliable habit.
  • Finally call yourself a writer.

Sue E.

Kira was knowledgeable and supportive. Her encouragement helped me to recognize the value in the mystery novel I wanted to write, its importance not only to me but to my future readers. She gently poked me to set writing goals and priorities. We discussed my mindset, and how I could improve it for writing my mystery novel. Kira gave me concrete steps to work on immediately so I could succeed in November. With her guidance, I set aside time for preparation. On November 1, I felt inspired and ready to start writing, and I knew what to do if I got stuck. In the past, I tried NaNoWriMo several times without success. I was able to complete NaNoWriMo for the first time. I completed 50,000 words on November 25. Now, instead of saying “I want to write a mystery novel,” I can say, “I am writing a mystery novel.” There is a big difference between those two statements.

Roberta S.

Before this all ends, I just wanted to tell you thank you.  Most days when I told myself I could skip a day, I would think of something that you had said.  The thing that has kept me going the most is that ‘I am telling myself the story’.  It is so true, and released me from finding the perfect word or phrase.  I have entered into the flow while writing this book more than ever before. When I get to the point of publishing, I would love to dedicate it to you!

Calling the Muse Coaching

Private one to one coaching sessions

Calling the Muse

The craft of writing is part the art of choosing the words that you put down on paper and part the art of managing your thoughts about your writing and about yourself as a writer. If you want to excel at the writing, you first have to win the mindset game.

The program consists of 16 private one to one sessions. This is where we start to unpack it all so that we can rebuild the thinking patterns that you’ll need to flourish as a writer. You’ll end each session feeling motivated and energized to get writing. You’ll deepen the work between sessions with tailor-made assignments.

Investment: $2000 or two payments of $1050

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