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I coach people who've  lost their joy for work, if they ever had it. 

I help clients wake up from scarcity thinking, tune into what they really want, and find the courage to choose themselves so they can finally live a life free of self-imposed limitation, embracing their passion and following their bliss.

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Hey there!

I’m Dr. Kira Swanson.

As an employee and an entrepreneur, I've had the full spectrum of work experiences: from doing what I love to feeling a lack of purpose.

I help people stuck in unfulfilling work to liberate themselves. My passion is to help folks figure out what they really want, identify the beliefs that they need to create a significant change in their lives, and the support to seize it so they can finally live a life free of self-imposed limitation, embracing their passion through work or play.

You want out? I've got you.


"If you want results, I cannot recommend Kira highly enough! 

Kira’s enthusiasm is the product of real results for her clients; I can think of no greater endorsement than the sincerity behind service that comes from the heart. She wants to see clients succeed and success is guaranteed for those who put her tools into practice.

This can certainly require changing habits or even confronting unconscious parts of ourselves, but Kira is a delightful cheerleader and an empathic listener who reminds her clients as often as needed.

Working with Kira was both challenging, in that it encouraged my growth, and fun, as I appreciated her joy and practical techniques. I feel grateful to have a lifelong arsenal of tools to draw from because of our work together."

-- Lisa Hedley, Psychospiritual Counselor

"I would recommend Kira in a heartbeat."

I made great progress on two book projects while working with Kira. She encouraged me to think of my work in a new and helpful way right off the bat. Kira’s help and support was indispensable. I feel like my work wouldn't be nearly as focused or effective without her and I'd be getting in my own way a lot more.


"It was so easy to be authentic with Kira, I didn't feel guarded or vulnerable at all even when we were talking about things that typically bring up my insecurities. I also really appreciate her questions and perspective."

--April Beebe, Spiritual Guidance Counselor

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